Virtual Production

High Res is all about maximising the potential output from the cutting edge, powerful technology available to us today and runs a large range of virtual production services. From technical support and consultancy, to pre-production pre-viz, LED supply and operating workflows as well as camera tracking, real time content play out and on site rendering, with a focus on green screen replacement and LED as a light source.

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Virtual Production Ireland

Lighting Design

With extensive experience across TV, live events, theatre and architecture and an Emmy award winning design, we provide tailored lighting design and consultancy services for whatever your project may need, from Olympic ceremonies to studio based design.

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From concept to completion we collaborate with external partners and associates to streamline workflows and manage the design elements of a project, taking big ideas and realising even bigger results across stage, theatre, projection mapping, tv and architecture.

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Sample pre-viz car model for a pre-rendered workflow
High Res in-house pre-visualisation suite


High Res have an in-house state-of-the-art pre-visualisation suite within our Dublin offices utilised for the pre-production phase of a client’s project. The facilities within this suite give access to a range of collaborative tools to allow comprehensive detailed pre-production work including; model building, visual renders, camera fly-throughs and reflection tests.

Our inventory of media servers allows for projects to be fully programmed and tested in our facility ahead of shooting onsite. From a client perspective, pre-viz sessions provide significant security and comfort by enabling them to visualise the end result ahead of onsite studio time. This form of pre-production work allows the creative team to collaborate, input and communicate ideas in one place and with a mutual visual reference.

Pre-viz sessions allow a production to look directly at what will and can be achieved, ensuring that the likely final outcome aligns with the creative vision and intention. This also allows a production to make changes well in advance, consequently reducing programming, testing and set-up time and workload on the ground. Creative team members have the option to dial in remotely from anywhere in the world in order to assist in making creative decisions, to communicate with their larger production team and to help the technical planning process for the betterment of their project and its budget.

High Res are a registered disguise Creative Studio Partner in Ireland. As a studio partner we offer clients creative and technical consulting services to assist with augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality templates and workflows, 3D models and video content mapping.

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Research Development & Innovation

High Res are very active in this space and have heavily invested in continuous innovation in order to establish ourselves as industry leaders in virtual production workflows, so that we compete on an international stage.

High Res are credited in industry white papers, as well as regularly taking part in panel discussions and as key guest speakers at industry conferences and events.

High Res have developed unique approaches, pipelines and workflows for immersive production and in-camera effects with VFX Supervisors and Head Of Departments, for individual projects for specific creative outcomes.

Development of a new Near Real-Time (NRT) workflow for ‘Comandante’ feature

Equipment Supply & Management

With complex lighting and video designs, we are often asked to provide a turnkey solution from design to delivery. Working with an experienced team of suppliers and technicians, our inhouse project managers can oversee and cost report full solutions for end clients or production companies.

CAD & Surveys

Our CAD department utalise tools from AutoCAD, Revitt or sketchup through to Twinmotion or Unreal Engine and specific lighting design software such Dialux Evo or Wysiwyg. The team deliver complex CAD workflows integrating with design teams or simpler lighting surveys.